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Churches Together in Cheshire provides support for Churches Together Groups in towns and villages around the county and for churches and congregations working together in formal ecumenical partnerships.


As part of Churches Together in England it gives expression to the common faith, baptism and devotion of Christians and encourages the Christian faith communities of the county to “do things ecumenically” rather than “do ecumenical things” in order to witness and serve to the cities, towns and villages of Cheshire.


Churches Together in Cheshire sponsors the Agricultural Chaplaincy Team, and their own website can be accessed through the Web Links page.

 Ecumenical Development Officer

for Churches Together in Cheshire

The County Ecumenical Development Officer is


Revd Charlotte Truman


Anglican Priest.


She took up her post on 1st September 2020.


For more details, please see our 'People' page

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